I’ve not posted much lately because I’m working at a new job and on graduate school applications. Don’t worry they’re all to schools in the UK so it’s not too late. Aiming to having them all in my the end of the month so fingers crossed for me please.

Anyway with the applications I’m been working on a new writing sample, with the topic been reading a lot of bioarchaeological and evolutionary anthropology books and papers. I’ve read one from the 60’s, a couple theory books and a few on recent topics. The other night I started a book on human evolution which was written by a German professor in 1923. I had glanced through when I got the book and it seemed to be the standard archaic early anthropological writing full of ideas which now seem absolutely ridiculous and many racial slurrings which were thought to be ‘scientific observations’. Now don’t get me wrong those things are in there but there was also something that really surprised me. In the introduction there were a few quotes from earlier papers of his. I’ll share two of the quotes with you guys.

“The knowledge that man has a common natural origin with the rest of the living world can do no more harm to religion than the rotation of the earth. When this fact is so generally known that even a child at school will not be excused for not knowing it, the consciousness that our race has been evolved, under the rule of law, from a lower condition will prove a valuable possession…A religion that fears the truth must be in a bad way.”

and secondly

“If God is the substance of truth, all investigation of the truth is a service of God. We men of science would be guilty of sin if we did not share the results of our work with our fellow men.”

Amazing that something written before 1916 can still be a progressive idea in this country.


new playlist


Pandora is finally acting properly and giving me some really awesome music.

These songs came from 2 different stations but just go so well together that I think I’m going to have to start a new station for them.

First off is The Glitch Mob – Bad Wing

Freestylers – Cracks [Flux Pavillion remix]

DJ T-rock & squishy nice – The Fugue

Bassnector – Timestretch (West Coast Lo Fi remix)

Ephixa – Give you back life (swifty song)

And though not a recent pandora find, this song just fits really well with the playlist that’s forming here

Magnetic Man – Karma Crazy

As you can tell in a very dubstep mood. This really makes me miss NYC and the club scene there. I miss feeling the bass rumble through my body. I need to get back to a big city soon, cause though it’s funny to watch my cat go crazy to this music as I listen to it in my room, it’s a little sad too that this is what my friday nights have become…

oh and here’s a cherry on top of dubstep dance moves.

dub dance


christmas round up


At this point Christmas is over and done with (the package I sent Jonathan finally got there!)

This year took a bit to get in the Christmas spirit, I think it was mainly due to the weather having temperatures in the 60’s leading up to Christmas it’s no wonder. As a result there was next to no motivation to decorate which lead to us having a more “traditional” Chritstmas where we did all the decorating on Christmas eve. Somehow we pulled it all together though and got 2 trees up, the house decorated, presents wrapped, and a bunch of baking done the day before the holiday. Here are a few pictures of what our house looked like.

We did family gifts at home and dinner at my aunt’s house. All in all it was a pretty good day.

As for gifts the best of course was my October trip to London from Jonathan. Some other things that I got that were pretty nifty were a hoodie from my archaeology company with the University and company name on, a framed cross stitch of the Tardis from my friend Madison, and a nail polish top coat which turns all polishes into matte from my bff, Gillian. She also gave me a really beautiful carved soapstone box which will be a great jewelry box for traveling to grad school since it’s smaller than my normal one. 🙂

All in all this year was pretty good.


Hats off


I’ve been back from the UK for 50 days now. 😦 sadness.

Pouting aside while I was there I decided that I’m going to put my money where my mouth is get a top hat. Unfortunately the London vintage shops weren’t on the same page as this notion. The only top hat I found was this one, which was too big, but my friend Esther snapped a cute picture of me in it.


Since returning to the states I started to look more seriously at how to rock a top hat. I mean it’s not something you can just throw on with any look. And with it being such an ostentatious piece, the looks have to be carefully planned so as not to look too costume. I started my doing google image searches of girls wearing top hats.

The obvious first findings were Steampunk chicks.

If I had more time and money this would be something I’d totally get into. The look is amazing and come on the girls are beautiful!

Seriously, yum.

I went looking again and found a lot of 19th century circus images.


Very “water for elephants” and not too far off from the steampunk vibe.

The next search results were menswear.

                                                                                                  The menswear is going to be the easiest to pull off but still it can look a little too over the top if not done properly.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               I then started to look for real girls pulling of the top hat and well there are a special few celebs and fashionistas who are making it look good.

I’m in love with these two looks!

This is really cute too though, I’m not as much a fan of the small hat look, but I’m digging the party dress idea. (Also posted cause Andrew Lee Potts is sooo hot *total power couple*)

Now with a few ideas and jumping off points, I took to polyvore.

Jack the Ripper jr.
Jack the Ripper jr. by kittienthecity featuring a pinstripe jacket
For a nonchalant menswear/ boys prep school look I put a top hat with a pair of skinnies, pinstriped blazer, school satchel, awesome pumps, and some skeleton details to give it that twist of me.
steampunkery by kittienthecity featuring a victorian top hat
Then playing around with a hint of a steampunk theme, again top hat with skinnies, (vintage) blazer
gilded by kittienthecity featuring a biker jacket
This one’s a bit over the top but I had to for the McQueen jacket!
And no post on top hats would be complete without a bit of a Mad Hatter Tea Party. Though if you take away all the tea cups this one is very normal looking. I’m seriously in love with pairing top hats with satchel bags.
unbirthday party
unbirthday party by kittienthecity featuring messenger bags
The only things that give way the theme of this look are the whimsy earrings and the pocket watch necklace, it’s just enough of a hint to make you smile and try to see who gets it.
Ok so very long post but I think that it’s obvious, I need to get a top hat. And not just one, but two, black and brown, so I can pulls off these polyvore sets.
I now deem that this post is over and that it is:

obligatory Christmas post


a few awesome youtube videos for you

I love this woman, she’s like a grown up Cindi Lou Hoo suburban house wife on adderall

and this one is kinda hilarious

and now to finish Chirstmas shopping and get gifts in the mail!!




I haven’t posted too many of my pictures lately so here’s another round.

These are images I found that make me go “whoa” and that I feel inspired by



This one I took a few mornings ago as I left for work.

And for  few more of my instgrams.

The first two are from the woods at Fort Pickett. The last one is from a farmhouse in Middletown, VA.

Now I’d like to share with you a video that an internet friend posted earlier tonight.

I think it’s so amazing. She’s only in high school but this girl has real talent. She’s one of the better artists that I’ve seen out there recently. If you want to check her out take a look at her deviant art page or you can follow her @vaughngogh. And if you really liked her, she does commissions so hit her up at her website.


needed a laugh


After the overly emotional week I’ve had, I needed a laugh.

Thankfully the guys at Rooster Teeth’s Achievement Hunter  had just the thing.

check out their Kinectimals walkthrough. I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe.

Joel then posted this picture

which I had to share with my BFF since her bunny is named Cinnamon.

look how fierce this animal is…

clearly blood thirsty.

and this morning this popped up on my  facebook feed. Nothing like autocorrects to make you giggle

so yea starting to feel better. though still down that I might have messed up what could have been a good friendship…